Unit 1 Public Transport Planning Basics

Learning Objectives

Welcome to Module 1: Strategic Planning in the Field of Public Transport! by attending the Module we will strengthen you with KNOWLEDGE. At the end of the module, you will possess the following knowledge

Topic 1 learning outcome

  • Basics for the design of the public transport systems and its optimization

Topic 2 learning outcome

  • Identification of the target groups (final users) needs and its requirements
  • Ensuring system effectiveness and functionality

Topic 3 learning outcome

  • Problem solving methods

Source: Šoštarić, M., Jakovljević, M., Buhin, D., Ševrović, M., Lale, O., Beganović, D.: Study of Public Transport in the area of the City of Jastrebarsko, University of Zagreb Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Zagreb, 2017